10 October 2011


So, it's been a long while since I didn't have sex first and then find out what the person's last (first) name was. And now that I find myself in this position? It's nerve racking as shit!

I met Nick on a presentation on harassment my company had a few months ago. I happen to understand the AV situation in the office or maybe I'm the only one who is willing to do it. But I digress.

Nick was the lawyer giving the presentation so we knew what our rights were - spotting the tell tale signs and what not. He came to me in the back of the meeting hall of our building and asked where the best place was to set up a projector for a PowerPoint presentation. I told him if he had his presentation on a flash drive, I could take care of it, however I'd have to advance the slides as the clicker wasn't working. Bad move.

After each of the slides of his presentation, he would say out loud: "DeeCue? Next slide please." Not bad, but I failed to mention the presentation was 34 slides long. Jeez. After the fifth slide, my colleagues in my department slowly turned around or sent text messages saying things like: "Do you know this guy?" "Who is this?" "Are you his personal assistant or something?" But I thoroughly enjoyed: "Someone's got a steak dinner tonight." Well, ok: eventually. And it wasn't steak.

At the end of his presentation, one of my friends in the office came up to me and urged me to talk to him, get his number. I told her I didn't get the gay-vibe, so I politely ignored her. She laughed and egged me on. I had to return the flash to him and get the microphone anyway, so I thought that would be an easy way to shake his hand, swap our wares, strike up a nonchalant conversation and drop the digits. Well, we did shake hands and we did swap our wares, but it ended there. I did manage to thank him and give him a flash of my pearly whites and wink of the right glassy, but my boss was chatting him up, getting some non-billable legal advice about who knows what - cock block. But seriously, I didn't even pick him up on the gaydar. So no harm, no foul, right?

Fast forward a week and some later.

It was a Friday. I had a long tiring week at work and was checking personal email before heading home. I was checking my hard drive at work and remembered that I saved Nick's PowerPoint onto my drive so that it would run smoother. I was clicking through, wasting time and noticed that he included his work email at the end of the presentation. Hm. He did say to get in touch if ever we (company) needed anything. I kept it professional.


I am hoping you remember me from helping you with your PowerPoint presentation when you visited the company last Tuesday. I was meaning to email you earlier, but these two weeks are historically hectic and it escaped me.

I wanted to thank you for your guidance and expertise with the Harassment information you shared with us; definitely clarified a lot of things I am held accountable for.

I would like to keep the line of communication open if there are any questions on my part.


To which he replied:


Of course! Do you ever make it down to (insert town)? This is my cell: (insert digits). Nick

After a couple weeks of missed connections and excuses, we finally got to go on our date, which led to the opening remark about being nervous as crap. Things clicked and despite the intial concern about not being able to connect right away, the excitement is still there. Date three soon to follow.

Point of the Conversation: Secretly, the story is what you long for.

- DeeCue

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