05 October 2011

Likes Boys

If you do one thing today, go and read two blog posts for me. No really, they’re worth it. I promise.

The first one deals with a mom’s observations about her six-year old son, who has a crush on Blaine from Glee. The little boy moons around the house, incessantly watches the Glee DVDs, listens to the Warblers album on Repeat, and confides that Kurt and Blaine “are just like me” because they want to kiss boys, not girls.

The mom--and dad--take it completely in stride. She notes that six-year old obsessions tend to evaporate, but also that gay adults come from somewhere--they were once gay kids. In her book, it could go either way. She’s ready for the possibility that her son could be gay, or that he could be straight...but if he’s straight, the family will have the best blackmail stories in the history of the world once he starts bringing home girlfriends.

She clearly adores this little boy; there are no conditions, no caveats, no wistful sense of loss over the possibility that he may have come out to her at age six. Many of us wish we could have had that from our own parents. This little boy is lucky, straight or gay.

The unnamed blogger followed up with a post that spelled out the reaction she’d received since the original post was published. Many of the comments and emails were from gay kids who were scared to tell their own parents that they also wanted to kiss boys (or girls). Then they wished out loud that they could have this stranger for a mom.

She vows that if anyone degrades her son for being gay, that they’ll have to “deal with” her first. She said her son will never know what it’s like to not be supported and loved by his parents. He will never have to doubt himself. He will know what it means to have his family defend him, to have a safe space at home, no matter what happens outside. I get the feeling that this mom would do the same for any child. She’s doing the right thing. Her son is lucky.

-Maura McGurk

Maura makes artwork about issues related to the LGBT/queer/gay experience, especially gay bullying. Take a stand against gay bullying by checking out her work, liking it on Facebook, or commenting on her blog.


  1. Maura, I was reading this as I was "gettin' my hair did," an was pretty moved by it. I randomly pick up "Out," but I am glad I did.

  2. Yes, her words are so moving. I wish everyone could cut through the crap like she's been able to do. What a great mom!


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