17 October 2011

Catch 23

Post-Dublin 2011, I have had a slew of hook-ups all of whom averaged in age of 23 . . . actually all of them were 23. I think there was a posting of my name and number on a bathroom stall where all the 23 year olds hang these days (Splash?). But I'm not complaining.

Of all of them, I think the most interesting was Quinn. He was a Craigslist poster who portrayed himself as being a former athlete, masculine, with a girlfriend who was out of town, and VERY curious and open-minded. All the descriptors were typical jargon for "I know the routine and know what to say that will get me laid; I've done this before." But the red flag was "open minded."

The unnamed poster asked to swap photos, and swap we did. Of course, his were headless and mine were not. He also continued to ask if I was into CD 9cross-dressing for the innocent). "Who, dear? Me, dear? CD, dear? No, dear!" He sent me a photo himself in full-on gear from wig to Louboutins. Always down for anything once - or twice - I gave him the green-light and he was over in no time. But that wasn't the surprising part of the whole situation.

A knock 20 minutes later, I opened the door and exclaimed: "Quinn?!" "Oh shit. DeeCue?" he mumbled.

It was the high school captain of the swim team when my younger brother was there.

Point of the conversation: Not everyone is gay, but it is possible.

- DeeCue

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