22 September 2011

Dad? I have to tell you something . . .

With the repeal of DADT, it was only appropriate that I post up this video, despite the fact it ain't Tuesday. The morning before DADT was done away with and overseas serving our country, this brave soldier came out to his father in Alabama over the phone. The ending is shocking, but maybe not so. I would've at least Skyped, but that's just me. All joking aside, this is extremely touching. What is even crazier is that he says that "everyone here knows, Dad, and it's all been great, like no one's been giving me shit about it." I'll miss times like these when people won't give a shit about gays at all - maybe in this lifetime.

- DeeCue


  1. "watch your drinking over there, son."......that is so what my father would say to me lol

  2. Ha, mine would have said, "what? what do you have to pay?"


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