08 September 2011

Who Dear? Me Dear? Online Dear? No Dear!

In these modern times many people claim internet dating is where it's at. It's quick, cheap, efficient and allows you access to a far wider pool of potential dating material than any nightclub will. Despite these positives it is something I've never really gone in for. Sure in the past I've created several profiles on various sites, usually at the prompting from friends, but I never took it seriously. It was something to entertain me when being particularly bored or in a dating rut. Even then, I've only met up with one person (which was fairly disastrous). However, one individual did lead me to believe it may not entirely be a dating dead-end.

A few months ago, I was very bored and home alone. So with nothing to do, no one to see, I loaded up one of the sites where I still had an active profile and perused the online randomers. Besides being bemused by the more outlandish profiles/pictures people had uploaded (seriously, what goes through their minds when they show that stuff?) I did find one guy my own age who took my fancy.

Striking up a conversation, we quickly migrated to MSN (the fact that I still use it shows how far behind the times I actually am). At first he was trying to steer it towards some webcam action, and although I'm not against such things in theory, I prefer it with people I'm dating rather than someone new. Also this guy was CUTE and therefore he warranted more attention than just a quick webcam session.

What followed was four hours of witty, hilarious banter and conversation. We were both extremely alike in tastes, personalities, attitudes and even had disturbingly similar sexual histories. In fact at points it was like talking to my doppleganger. Him being a mere 15 miles away was another cherry on the top. The conversation only came to an end when I pointed out it was 3.30am and I was at work in less than 6 hours. 

Of course it wasn't all perfect. He was more bitchy than I can be and at one point he did bring out his dildo, which he had NAMED Frank. I don't own a dildo so I can't be sure if this is standard practice or not but it weirded me out a tad. Thankfully he did not give a visual demonstration of it in use. But these I was more than willing to ignore considering we were getting along so well.

The conversation ended great too, with him saying he hoped to talk soon and the possibility of us meeting up. The whole thing had me look at internet dating as an actual possible alternative, even if limited. And what came next? Absolutely nothing.

Over the next few days he didn't pop up online. I was busy with work etc so I wasn't too fussed but after a fortnight I had sussed something was up. Trawling though the MSN options I discovered the git had blocked/deleted me.

Now that in itself isn't too odd. I've done it often enough in the past. The odd thing is that it didn't make any sense. I hadn't insulted him, we had got on great and there was the promise of more. If he hadn't been interested he would have ended the conversation much earlier, it would have naturally petered out. But it hadn't. As far as I could tell, it had been the internet equivalent of those truly great dates where you end up having coffee for 8 hours. I couldn't figure it out.

And of course there was no way of asking. With no options available, I had to simply shrug and carry on.

Point of the conversation: The more easy and accessible something is, the more disposable it is.

- James.B.

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