06 September 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Someone Like Her

Can Americans get anything right? Lady Gag opened up last week's MTV VMAs with a horrific and uncomfortable opening monologue as her "malter" ego Joe Calderone aka Ralph Macchio ala The Outsiders. I don't know what was more annoying: the nonsense she was spewing for a good five minutes or the fact that she didn't break character at all. When she jumped off the piano but slipped and fell, the reaction on Adele's face when they panned over to her was priceless and probably what everyone was feeling underneath their codial smiles for the cameras. I've praised Gaga before, but come on; WTF are you doing? Adele's face said: "can she disappear for a long while, please?" Speaking of, today's Tubular Tuesday vid is Adele's Brit Awards performance this year. She is one classy lass. Aside from the heart strings that are tugged by this highly relatable song, this girl can sing without an alter ego - or ego, for that matter.

Gaga: Too much, too soon.

- DeeCue

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