15 September 2011

So, There Might Have Been This Guy...

Dear friends,

This here tale will be my final contribution to this blog, and I fear that I may have missed out on the best "So There Was This Guy" story of my life.

Let me explain.

I had this friend a few years back that I was sort of dating...maybe. Okay, we were fucking, but I wanted something more. Before I could ask him if he reciprocated any romantic feelings for me, he stopped returning my calls, and the majority of his circle of friends followed suit.

I did not take this well. I can handle rejection like a big boy if it is delivered to me in a mature way, but this guy refused me any sort of closure and ran and hid like a scared kitten. In the following year we appeared in the same location several times, but did not acknowledge each other. I may have talked to him if he initiated, but as he was the one who broke contact, I felt it was his duty to reconnect if he chose to; I'd chased after him long enough.

One night, I was seeing a friend's show at a bar with my roommate. Sure enough, not only does the asshole show up, but he and his pal sit at the table right behind us, completely ignoring us, of course.

When the show is over, my roommate heads to the ladies room, leaving me along at the table. Seconds after she leaves. Some strange man sits down in her seat and addresses me, my old fuckbud, and his buddy: "Okay, you, you and you..." I panicked so severely that completely blocked out everything the man said, and became very focused on paying my tab. I haven't a clue what the conversation involved, but it must have been something absolutely mindboggling, because my Old Fuckbud's Buddy turned to me and acted as if he hadn't noticed me there the entire night "Oh my god! Where have you been all night?" (my friend who was performing addressed me from the stage by name, so it is impossible that he hadn't seen me.) My Old Fuckbud then leans over and says, "Do you know who that was?"
"That was amazing..."
"No, what's amazing is that it took a complete stranger to make you acknowledge me after sitting here for two hours."
That shut him up.

I haven't spoken to either of them since, and I still have no idea what the stranger said to us. Although I was pretty proud of myself for standing my ground and refusing to pretend everything was okay, I think I will always be sad that I missed out on such an awesome story.

Lesson Learned: No matter how awkward a situation is, always keep your ears open.

And with that, I bid you farewell.


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