12 September 2011

Five's a Crowd

Philly, oh Philly: I shall always remember thee. My time in Philadelphia was priceless. I went to undergrad there; I came out of the closet there; I had my first boyfriend there; I had my first 5-way there.

Whenever there is an odd number of people involved in a sexual trist, there is bound to be some awkwardness. That sexual mayhem only happens in scripted porn. Unfortunately, the reality is that we are not constantly living in the Best of Randy Blue or the Bel-Ami Films - at least I'm not - where everyone gets a fair shot at a cock and/or hole and no one is left out.

If you recall my post about Tiny Dancer and my unfortunately awkward break-up with him, you will understand how cute he actaully was, so much so that I would try to stay in touch with him. After my tenure as a college student in Philly and a few months after out split, I reconnected with him on a visit to the City of Brotherly Love.

We decided to make a night out of it and hang in the gayborhood spots of my collegiate youth: 12th Air Command, Uncles, Woody's, and the Bike Stop. We had so much fun. I realized during that evening that I wanted nothing more than to remain his friend. He was genuine, intuitive, and caring person - someone who comes into your life unassumingly until you realize what a treasure he or she really was. But I recognized it immediately. Our break-up was amicable; we knew the distance was a huge factor. That distance prevented us from growing together and being able to support each other. This time, we were relaxed and aware of the difficulty of investing emotionally in something that needed to be physical; we also knew the amount of work it would take a junior in college and a newly graduated university kid to maintain a relationship like that. Not having any of these pressures made us enjoy the time that evening.

As the evening progressed with many laughs and cocktails later, we ended up at 12th Air. It was somewhat busy, but as I was coming back from getting a drink for TD and me, two guys made eye contact with me and beckoned me over. They talked about how they wanted to take me and TD back to their place across the street - how very. I told them I had to discuss it with my friend, but it was a sure "yes" from me. These gentlemen were maybe 6'2" a piece around a buck-ninety. Gorgeous. After I went back to TD and got the OK from him, I went back to let them know the acceptance to their invitation, they said, "Cool, but one more thing. He comes with this." They then pointed to their right. I looked over and saw air. Confused, I turned back to them and they redirected their motion from right to down-right - a 5'4" man-boy.

Despite the shock, the five of us went back to the pretty sick house the twin-gods had. Three floors: dining area, kitchen, and living space on the first; lounge area on the second; and bedroom on the third with the ability to look down to the first floor. They led us up to the rooftop where we could easily see the Philly Skyline - not as amazing as NYC, but to be able to see it with having privacy still was amazing. We were making small talk up there: beautiful night; great view; fun bar. Looking at the time, I got anxious about not being out too late, so I asked if we were goning to get this started. Sure enough, TD and I started to make out. The homeowners did the same. And the little lad? He was caressing our arms. [cough]

The guys directed us to go downstairs where we could get more comfortable - as in take off our clothes and fuck around on their bed. It was crazy. I fooled around with TD while the two guys were playing. Then we swapped partners. TD fucked the other guy; and his partner fucked me. Then condoms and partners were swapped again. And the little lad? He was caressing our arms.

Now, pause. If you were the fifth guy, would you not have just bowed out gracefully?

Point of the conversation: If you are the odd mad out, get the fuck out.

- DeeCue

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