07 September 2011

Dancing with the Stars

I have a confession to make. I don’t watch reality TV. I know that I’m un-American for this, just like I’ve known for several years now that if I just watched Dancing with the Stars, I’d have so much more to talk about with my mom. Sorry Mom, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it--until now.

The new season of DWTS features a few contestants who I don’t even know (apologies to the soap opera star/war veteran) but I’ll be rooting for Chaz Bono. I think his involvement in the show would have mostly flown under my radar, except for the fact that it’s caused such a stir outside of the show’s fan base. Apparently there are folks questioning his right or ability to appear on the show, and others who are defending him to the teeth...then Cher got involved, making a plea for support for Chaz. Well, when Cher gets involved, I pay attention, always have.

I have to say that I’m a little surprised at the outcry, since Oprah has already supported his FTM transition by airing his story on her new network, and usually when Oprah says something is OK, it’s gold. But we know that haters are what they are.

So when the new season starts, I’ll be there on the couch, hoping that Chaz does well. I’d like to see him astound everyone with his grace and hustle, as well as get into shape (I’ve been worried about that extra weight he’s been carrying). From what I’ve seen of him recently, he seems completely content with his life, and I hope that comes across loud and clear to viewers.

That’s what I hope for him, but I also support his right to stink up the joint, causing fans to say that the only reason he’s on the show is because his mother is famous (see: Bristol Palin, last season). Because after all, he’s just another contestant.

-Maura McGurk

Maura makes artwork about issues related to the LGBT/queer/gay experience, especially gay bullying. Take a stand against gay bullying by checking out her work, liking it on Facebook, or commenting on her blog.

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