11 September 2011

9/11: Ten years later

Ten years ago today, I was fresh out of college and 2 days into my very first job in Jersey City. The day started off like the last but after my first cup of coffee, slowly people around me started to leave the office - some in a hurry and others while sobbing. Not really understanding what was going on, a panicked colleague of mine pointed out what was going on across the Hudson: the Twin Towers were smoking.

I immediately logged onto a news site and read about the apparent aviation mishap turned terroristic attack. We were called for a brief meeting and were sent home for the day. There were sirens blaring in the streets and mass confusion - and this was only in Jersey City. I got home and turned on the television: all flights were grounded and randomly there were glimpses of horror and anger in the streets of New York by the World Trade Center. Then Tower One crumbled. Then Tower Two. Paper and debris flew out of the buildings following the explosions, but you knew there was more than that. People who were in utter distress were amongst all of it. Ten years later, I've seen the city rebuild itself and heal itself - to be the resilient city it is.

One of my friends went around Jersey City's waterfront and took some pictures of the skyline last night. The Twin Towers were commemorated with 2 beams of light that can be seen 60 miles away. On this clear night, with a full moon, you can see the city that never sleeps standing strong, not forgetting those who died because of the attacks and those who risked their lives for others.

Point of the conversation: Remember.

- DeeCue

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