27 August 2011

What He Means To Me

The rules of friendship mean there should be mutual sympathy between friends, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words.

One should keep his friend from falling into evil ways, should protect his property and wealth, and should help him in his troubles. If his friend has misfortune, he should give him a helping hand, even supporting his family, if necessary. In this way, their friendship will be maintained and they will be increasingly happy together.

A true friend, the one with whom a man may safely associate, will always stick closely to the right way, will worry secretly about his friend's welfare, will console him in misfortune, will offer him a helping hand when he needs it, will keep his secrets, and will always give him good advice.

It is very difficult to find a friend like this, and, therefore, one should try very hard to be a friend like this. As the sun warms the fruitful earth, so a good friend shines in society because of his good deeds.

- Buddha

Broken Child

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