09 August 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: British are still believin'

I will get off Europe's uncut dick eventually, but for now, here are Brit lads' rendition of Glee's "don't Stop Believin'. With all the US youtube homoerotic lip-syncing going on, it is about time we see that those across the pond aren't as snooty and above the silliness during a stressful time at war. One commented saying: "For all of you haters, just remember that under the Taliban, music was ILLEGAL. Not only have these guys given the people of Afghanistan a sense of freedom, but have also put their lives on the line to give them the ability to have fun and enjoy themselves. Something I believe is an important human right! Anything to keep the soldiers spirits up is ok in my book!" Really? Did that even have to be said?

- DeeCue

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