10 August 2011

So, there was this blog...

One year ago today, La La and I posted our first two stories on "So, there was this guy." A blog originally just about our stories has opened up to stories from San Francisco, Seattle, Texas, NYC, NJ, and even across the pond. Since then, 20,000+ hits, nearly 20 writers, and 189 posts later, the blog has evolved into something we couldn't even imagine would happen. With Maura's perspective on gay bullying and gay rights in the media as well as in her own work to Scarlett's straight point of view of the men she encounters; with Shaun Taylor's perspective of experience to Lucas' view from "above and below," we have something that has been blossoming into something greater than expected but now it is here...

We are proud to announce STWTG's movement to print. Look out for us this fall with locations to be announced! Thank you for reading!

STWTG: Happy Birthday!

- DeeCue

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