18 August 2011

Have Another Drink?

The beginning of this story actually takes place the same night as my last post. It may have only been the night of the Tony Awards, but it was a very loaded evening. As I sat alone at the bar, a guy approximately my age sat down next to me. He wasn't the cutest in the room, but we seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. He ended up buying me a beer. And another. And a shot. I was still a broke college student at the time ( as opposed to the broke real adult I am now) and didn't dare turn down free booze when it was offered to me. Therefore, I ended up pretty sloshed. Thankfully, the bartender heard my cry for water, and I was functional again quite quickly. The guy and I swapped digits, and he disappeared shortly after.

We began hanging out over the next couple of weeks, and the nights unfolded in a similar manner. As this went on, I found that he would make more aggressive sexual advances, which was a bit disconcerting. Eventually, one night, he managed to get his tongue in my mouth, despite my polite protests. I wondered why I gave in. I couldn't have been that drunk.

One week later, he actually ended up in my bed. Yeah, I fucked him. Don't worry, I still regret it.

It was around this time that my friends that I had introduced him to started telling me the things he said when I wasn't listening. That we were dating...that he had spent all this money on me and I wasn't putting out. The pieces of other stories he told me, I began to realize, were not falling into place. In short, he made a ton of shit up.

Eventually, he told me he had gotten an acting gig in Canada that would take him away for six months, so we stopped hanging out. But I saw him around town way too much for this to be true, and I later learned from a mutual acquaintance that said Canada gig was completely nonexistent. Clearly, he had gotten what he wanted from me and moved on.

In the years that have passed since these events, I meet more and more people who know the guy and the bullshit he plays. To this day, I still wonder about the damage he might have done to my reputation.

Lesson Learned: Buying you one drink is just friendly. Buying you two means sexual favors will be expected of you.

- Lucas

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