22 August 2011

Going through the Emotions

Six months later, it isn't going as strong. So do I just give up?

I wasn't blind to the notion that a long distance - not another state - relationship would be difficult to keep up with. It was at the forefront of my reasonable and practical mind. But, as mentioned in posts-past, I am a romantic at heart and like to imagine the fantastical. I wanted to believe deep down inside that the 3,000+ miled, $1,200 bi-coastal friendship would turn into a realization of love and a trek to and settlement in the other's homeland. No dice.

After Pat came stateside and after I visited him over in Ireland, the contact had become less and less. I think we are down to morning emails (Eastern Standard Time), random "what's going on?" check-ins, and evening "sleep well" text messages (Ireland Time) now.

I think about the time and effort we both put in six months ago. Jumping on Skype as much as possible in lieu of a text message on WhatsApp. Having 3 hour long conversations, taking a few minute break to get ready for bed, then continuing the Skype chat with a bedtime story - yes, a bedtime story. After we visited each other those became few and far between. I feel like a nuisance to respond to. Signs, right?

Point of the conversation: Come what may.

- DeeCue

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