08 August 2011

Eight Years in the Making

That new movie "One Day" with Anne Hathaway where she plays a girl whose relationship with a boy that evolved over 15 some years looks pretty similar to the relationships I have with some of the guys I know.

Years ago, while my brother was still in high school, his friends would always come by the house while I was visiting my parents' having graduated from college, moved out, and lived on my own. A few of them always caught my eye, but they were totally off limits. 1. They were my brother's friends. 2. They were not of age just yet. 3. I think there was an ethical issue somewhere there.

In any case, I bowed out of my attraction towards them and just opted for making fun of them and their naivete. Fast forward eight years, this past Friday night to be more specific. In addition to the many gay chat apps I have on my phone, I am also a member of Plenty of Fish and, at one point or another, Match.com, Yahoo Personals and Out Personals. Andy, one of the kids who hung around my brother, always seemed to find me. But again, I was never whole heartedly interested because of my blocking him from the attractive pool of people. He was just too young and off-limits. But for some reason, when he hit messaged me because he found me on Plenty of Fish and then on Jack'd, I had a change of heart - he unlocked his private pictures.

It so happened I was dog-sitting this week around the corner from his house, in my childhood neighborhood. So I shot him a text of the address. He was seemingly surprised and exclaimed: "That's like right around the corner from me!"


D: That's why I gave specific whereabouts, fag
A: Suck on that you cock guzzling cunt
D: Ok, you can't talk like that.
Besides, iot should've read "suck on that you CUM guzzling cunt"
A: "Suck on that, you cock guzzling cunt."
Did you get my video :)
D: Jesus christ, if that is said at any point out loud tonight, I will slap you across the face

VIDEO (awaiting permission)

Wow: that is rigorous
But I don't appreciate getting a video that's downloaded from xtube
A: Damn DeeCue :)
D: Lol
Kidding, its not there...yet
A: I love your wit mister
D: In any case, after 10, party in my mouth; everyone's cumming
123 Glory Lane
A: Can we blaze?
D: I spose. I don't have any, and wee can't in the house
He is my manager from work and he would flip
And not the asian kind
A: I always have weed
Oh gos. Muscle freaks everywhere
D: Listen tweink bot...us beefier guys can't just always have appetite inducing drugs
A: Lol
D: Wait if we hang out, aree we making out too?
A: If we hang out I'm making love
D: I don't make love I just fuck
A: Tell me what you want
Teach me* what you want.
D: Oh A, I've wanted this conversation for some time now...
A: Yes ! Me too. That time we smoked together I wanted you so bad
D: Sigh. Well now you are of age, so no holds barred
A: Hold this bar.
D: So dirty
Do you remember coming into my room your junior year propositioning me?
A: No! Lol what did I say
D: It was the highlight of age 25.
You came in, closed the door behind yourself, and asked "so when are we going to fuck?"
A: Get the fuck out of here! Lol are you sure it was me
D: A...no it was A. Smith.
It was you
A: Hahhaha use me like u know u want to
D: Lol well, expect to come hang at 10ish
A: K
D: ;)
Text you later

Two hours later...

A: When is the latest I can swing by?
D: Whenever, ill be there at 930-10
I'm staying over
A: I'm gunna be chillin in bk for a bit.
Pkay perfect
D: Don't flake, homo
Illbe devastated
A: No I wont. I'm looking forward to it bitch
D: Lol
A: :)
D: Don't flake; this is 8 years in the making

I always do this: I misspeak and in hindsight, I jinx everything. I always find myself saying, damn it: I knew that would bite me in the ass.

You may want to photograph it
Its that serious
A: I'll photograph your mouth around my cock
D: A!
A: Shhh
***I'll photograph your cracking jaw around my cock.***is that better.
D: Listen. I have a trick jaw with no gag reflex
Wait you have lube and rubbers right?
I gots none
A: No you get those
D: Jesus
A: Rite aid or walgreens take your pic
D: I have them, I just have to run back up to my apt, faggot
A: I hope u treat me like your little faggot
D: Can u stop
A: :)
D: Like how does one treat another like a faggot?
A: Treat me like I'm yours to corrupt
D: Like feed you chocolate?
A: That made me want to kiss u
Just laughed out loud
D: :D
Where r u? I just got here
A: I'm I'm Brooklyn waiting for my hash
D: Great. What has become of you? Whoring yourself out in the slums of brooklyn for some green...

30 min elapse...

D: Um
A: Ummmmm
I'll be there sooner than you can say Macbeth
D: Lol take ure time
A: I'm still in bk
D: Ha ok


A: Okay leaving Brooklyn
U gunna b awake mister

45 min elapse...

A: My phone is about to die
Looks like you'll be missin out
Damn you really suck
Okay grandpa. Goodnight. Fat chance at getting this again


D: Shut up!
Shit! I totes passed out :(


A: Not for nothin, had I known u were gunna pass out I would have just stayed in Brooklyn. I was in with friends from Boston and left as early as I coul
d for you. I was reallyfucking annoyed with you
Who falls asleep on ME?
8 years, my ass
D: Omg, I'm so sorry :(
I passed out at 10 and saw your missed calls and messages
A: Yea yea. Fantasy crushed. No second offers. Shake my hea at the first offer
Lol so upassed out an Hourbefore I was even supposed to be there? You FAIL
And no don't call me
Do u know how embarrassed I am?
DA. Please don't be angy. I am very sorry. I just closed nmy eyes. I work the 4am shift at the gym during the summer. There is no reason for you to be
Embarassed; I am.
I was talking it up, just to pass out. Pelase give me another chance. I even bought chocolate to be cute...therewenmt that
I really do apologize
A: Okay well yea no big deal just don't plan on me.
D: :(
A: I give second chance but
When would we and for what reason. I was so amped up yesterday
I hadn't cum in days
Came. The feeling fled. And I actually told my Baltimore friends how excitedI was because I was going to go fuck a guy who was 7 years older than me. I don't even
have a story now!
And I ditched them for it!
D: Lol was I just gonna be a story?
A: Haven't seen them in 2 years
D: I am going there at 2:30.
A: Did you want ny state marriage?
D: OMG lol A don't be mean
A: Dude if I'm around at 230 then sure but I'm not turning down other options should one arise
D: So no second chance?
Of course, I don't expect you to
I mean, even celine dion sings about them (second chances)
A: Too old a reference g-pa
D: Lol
A: Lol I'm sorry man. Just fuckin wit u
D: So, can we try for later?
A: Yes
D: Okay
Again, I'm sorry that you had to ditch your friends
I don't waste peoples time
A: It's okay fag
D: Lol shut up

Another file sent...

D: A
I thought you were the goofy-innocent type
A: I'm so horny that I just came by accident
D: Really? Really.
A: I tried to hold it. I actually pinched my cock and held it as it throbbed. I didn't have an orgasm but when I let go. Boof
I'm still hard
Dont worry
D: Yes, I was extremely worried.
A: Lol
D: I have to walk the dog first so he doesn't bark while you are plowing me. He is protective.
A: Mmmm
(Not about the dog)


A: Hey listen.. I know it's nearing around 2:30 but I have a huge headache and need to sleep it out. I'm sorry. rain check?
D: Grr. I guess :(
You getting back at me?
A: No this isn't what that is
D: Ok
But its right arotound the corner...
A: Where do u live? I would go to you no problem anytime u want
D: Uptown
A: Okay well I mean I take the train evey day
D: Ill even come get you and drop you off after
I's all ready and shit
A: Your hole is that hungry?
D: Well, last nmight it was, then I fuckup, and now I have the chanvce
I've been around enbough to know chances only come in twos
A: No I really can't even open my eyes right now I feel like shit
D: Yum
Trhat's how I felt last night...minus the shit part
A: It's the same 24 hour period. Count it as just the first chance
D: Lol
Come on
A: Sry

An hour later...

D: K, well to throw it out there, I'm dog sitting again tonight
A: I'm still comatose, but if o don't go out, I'll consider u
If I*
D: Picture this: me in pig tails and short plaid skirt and braces, sitting while biting my nails in anticipation
A: How short a skirt?
D: Asshole


A: Hey
D: Hey
A: What's up DeeCue?
D: Not much A. Living the porch monkey life on Glory Lane with a doberman
I'm thug like that, bitch
A: Lol
D: Back in the day we was called Bangee Boys
A: Wanna try and make me cum?
D: Ha sure
You didn't go out?
A: Nope
D: Are you out of your coma?
A: Had a headache all day
I'd leave My house in a heartbeat if I could figure out a good excuse to leave the house
D: stop smoking
A: The guards are in the livingroom
D: Oh geez, aren't you 30?
A: Semi
D: How about "I'm going to fuck DeeCue, what now?"
A: 24
D: Um
You are going to church quick to say a prayer for the 31 killed US soldier in afghanistan
A: Lol
Um okay I'll try and work up a load and a bogus story
D: Okay
Quit updating facebook and come over

20 min elapse...

A: I feel very unattractive right now
D: Can you stio, fagatron?
A: I'll come over as long as you confirm this is for novelty purposes and are Not going to judge my bad hair
D: I cannot promise non-hair critiquing...
A: Is there a backyard where I can smoe a joint?
D: Yes maam
A: ol
Ok what's the addy
D: 123 Glory Lane, closer to the church
A: Walking now
D: Jesus, do you always take this ong when you're hooking up? Lol
A: Lol
Um I'll be there in 50 seconds

50 seconds later...

A: Outside
D: I'm sleepy
A: Lol shut up

Point of the conversation: I did it all for the nookie; and so did he.

- DeeCue

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