04 August 2011

Do You Like This?

I'm letting you know now...this story is a lot more graphic than what I usually write. You have been warned.

Three years ago, on my birthday, I was out partying with a couple of my buddies. A some point during the night, one friend introduced me to another friend of his...one that I had seen several times before and wanted to bang like nobody's business. As we were now on a first-name basis, I saw no use in hiding my attraction. He made polite small talk throughout the night, but didn't really flirt back. I persisted though. It was my birthday, and I was determined to get what I want. As the evening came to an end, I decided to be as forward as I could possibly be: "Okay, I'm going to head home...and I'm inviting you to come with me." He replied, "Nah, thanks. I have to get up early tomorrow." Code for "I'm just not that into you." I accepted his response, and departed.

Cut to two or three months later, when my era of deep sexual exploration is well underway. I had begun to attend a bi-monthly sex party with a watersports theme. I wasn't so into the golden showers, but the clientele were much to my liking. The atmosphere was really pleasant and relaxed, and most important, safe. I couldn't ask for much more.

I ran into this guy at my second party. I was delighted that I got to see him naked, but as he had turned me down once, I wasn't about to make a second attempt. I mingled for several hours, fooling around with as many guys as I could get my hands on (which was a surprisingly high number). At one point in the evening I had just finished fucking a guy in a cozy little stall, and I was having trouble getting off. Suddenly I noticed the aforementioned guy watching us and stroking his cock. Yum. I stared back. He smiles and says, "Do you like this?" Damn right, I did. And I made it quite clear. Suddenly, he releases a long stream of piss all over me. And I realized that "this" and "piss" rhyme. Whoops. I was startled, but I wasn't about to stop him, because I came almost instantly.

We see each other out and about every now and then, but we don't talk. I don't know if it's because he doesn't remember me, or because he fucking pissed on my face. I have reason to believe it's the latter.

Lessons Learned:
1. Some people may only be attracted to you for specific activities.
2. Certain activities that you might otherwise not be into can be a lot hotter with the right person.
3. When you're in a group sex setting, make sure you hear properly before you agree to anything.

- Lucas

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