26 July 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Catherine Tate as Derek Faye and Ulster Mam

Derek Faye


I am back and jet-lagged. What a great time in Ireland! The friend I was staying with did an awesome job of showing me the city as well as different parts of the coastal towns and places in between - the towns, people! One of the days, instead of going to work, he called out sick legitimately, and fell asleep on the couch with me. But not before popping in his copy of "The Catherine Tate Show" DVD. Catherine Tate is a British comedian whose characters are just absolutely hilarious. Here are two. The Derek Faye lines are crazy-funny ("Gay dear? Who dear? Me dear? No dear!" "How VERY dare you.") and repeated in every single one of his skits. And poor little John; if my parents were as proud, I would die. In any case, Tate is absolutely brilliant; check out her Lauren Cooper skits. But you don't, "I ain't bovvered."

- DeeCue

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  1. Anything Catherine Tate deserves 1000 comments. Love her! Glad to see others have such impeccable taste :)


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