05 July 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Broadway's Gay

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

John Tartaglia

Michael Arden

I am not one to assume anyone is straight, nor do I assume anyone is gay for that matter. But what makes me bow at the feet of these Tubular guys is the fact that they are out and proud and making it on Broadway and, in some cases, in mainstream. Stereotypically, one can assume these men are gay since the theater always has been a safe haven for the coming-out-queer. But those in mainstream Hollywood who are out and proud have a slightly more difficult dealt hand having to fit the mold of het man. Not featured but also out and making it are David Hyde Pierce, Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, Sir Ian McKellan, Chad Allen, Nathan Lane, and John Barrowman. What makes these guys great in my book is not that they are out and proud, but that they are out and proud and just don't give a fuck . . . is the honey badger the unofficial gay mascot?

- DeeCue

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