25 July 2011

Puppy Love?

It was unusually humid that hot and sunny day in central Maryland. So unusually humid, Daniel could feel his jersey sticking to his soaking wet back, as he was walking from his classroom to the cafeteria. He always seemed to be alone, even when he was surrounded by friends. As if he were subconsciencly steering clear from all the other students and their drama. He was a fairly normal freshman in high school. He played lacrosse for the school, dated cheerleaders, partied on the weekends, made decent enough grades to play on the team. All in all, a pretty stand up guy that everyone could get along with.

On this particular day he got the strangest inclination to eat lunch at a table on the opposite side of the cafeteria from where he normally sat. Scouting for a seat, he spotted a table with only one person sitting at it. He decided that this table would do. As he approached the table, he noticed the student sitting there. He was someone that he had never seen at school before. He was tall; he had copper skin, black hair and piercing green eyes. He was wearing the same lacrosse jersey as him. He must have been drooling because the boy sitting at the table was giving him the “what fuck are you staring at?” look. He took his seat.

“Uh, hey” the boy said, “My names Aaron, you play Lacrosse too?” Scrambling for something to say. He was simultaneously trying to figure out why the hell he was all tripped up over this kid, that just so happens to be a dude.
“I like pizza” he said abruptly.
“Yeah… that’s cool” the boy said with one eyebrow arched, as he slowly gathering his tray and belongings. “I’ll see ya on the field”.
“Goddamn.” Daniel thought to himself "I like pizza, really? What the fuck was that?"
Then it settled in “Oh shit, I have to go to practice with that dude and he’s gonna think I’m a total retard!” he spent the rest of his time in his classes thinking about all of the simple things he could’ve said like “Hi, I’m Daniel” or “Yeah man I play mid-field”.

Later that day when school was released, Daniel headed to the locker room. And this time he knew what he would do. He would avoid Aaron at all costs. As he walked in, he took a look around, no sight of Aaron. He gave a sigh of relief, as he made his way to his locker. The way he figured it, as long as Aaron didn’t show, he wouldn’t have to face any more embarrassment for the rest of the day. But while Daniel was changing into full uniform he saw out of the corner of his eye, Aaron advancing towards him. “Oh shit,” he thought “please dear god, don’t let his locker be near mine!” As he came closer, Daniel noticed Aaron had this look on his face as though he was thinking the same thing. Aarons’ new locker was directly behind Daniels’. “Why! Why! Why!” he thought. Now he felt he was compelled to address this new student who he made himself look like such a fool earlier that day.

“What’s up, pizza?” Aaron said in a tone lined with sarcasm.
“Hey” Daniel said in an uncomfortable voice that sounded almost like a broken chuckle, “My name is Daniel, sorry about earlier, I didn’t sleep much last night.” He was lying; in fact he went to bed shortly after arriving home from school the night before.
“It’s straight, don’t worry about it." Aaron said as he was bent over with his foot propped up on the bench so he could tie his shoe.
Something about the word straight made Daniel feel strangely uncomfortable. Probably due to the fact that he was clearly checking out Aarons toned ass. Trying to redeem himself he said,
“So, you’re new to Linganore High right?”
“How do you like it so far?”
“It’s fantastic” there was that sarcasm again. Aaron turned around, shut his locker and headed for the field. Daniel couldn’t believe how off he was today, first at lunch and now this. He was wondering what other bleak situations he’d get into before the sun went down. All he could look forward to was clearing his head on the field and playing the game he loved.

That practice Daniel played hard. He felt like a ninja running around on the field, it was like no one could touch him. Even the coach thought he did well, of course he didn’t say it but you could tell by the look on his face when he gave Daniel a pat on the back.

Back in the locker room, Daniel was taking a shower. All he could feel was pride pumping through his vein; as he leaned his head back under the steady flow of the hot water. Completely aloof to the fact that all that pride was pumping to his main vein.

“Dude, what the fuck!?” one of his shower mates protested. Daniel emerged from under the shower head to see the disgusted faces and his teammates exiting the shower. He gave quick look around and then looked down to see why everyone was leaving. Shocked and more than slightly embarrassed, he slowly lifted his head. He could literally feel all the color bleed from his face. And there was Aaron standing from across the locker room, staring at the surprisingly not at all “little” Daniel. Even more embarrassed Daniel finally got enough blood pumping through the rest of his body to grab his towel and move as quickly as he could to his locker. He grabbed his backpack and gym bag, and bolted out the locker room still in nothing but a towel.
You know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when something terrible is about to happen or when you get to the first decline on a rollercoaster? Well times that by ten and it still couldn’t compare to the feeling Daniel was experiencing. There was laughter coming from behind him and someone was calling his name, but the only thing he could really hear was the sound of his pulse in his ears. He jumped into his car and got the hell out of dodge.

That night, Daniel didn’t eat. He didn’t even come out of his room he just lied in bed. His mind was constantly rewinding the situation and playing it over again. He was doing so well, before he met that new kid. “Why am I being punished”, he thought. And as he replayed it once more in his mind, then he realized Aaron wasn’t just staring, he was gawking, practically drooling. Suddenly he felt slightly turned on by that.

This kind of feeling was different from the way girls had made him feel. This was something old from deep down that felt so new. The more he thought about it the more aroused he got. He began imagining that no one was in the showers except for him and Aaron. He started stroking himself, as the scenario and the feeling kept getting deeper.

There they both were in his mind, face to face. Aaron was touching Daniels’ perfect body starting at the shoulders and making his way down to his nipples, where he began sucking on them as he reached down for Daniels’ throbbing cock. At this point Daniel was stroking faster and faster. He could almost feel the hot water running down from his head and making its way to his feet. He almost believed it when Aaron worked his way down to his knees and just as he put his lips on the tip… KNOCK! KNOCK!

Startled, Daniel opened as far as they could from the banging on his door. Scrambling, he quickly threw the blankets over his body and pretended to be asleep. He was shaking, sweaty and the dirty feeling of guilt washed over his mind and body. The door opened and the smell of pepperoni filled the room. Afraid to turn over, afraid to stay “asleep”, he opened his eyes. He could feel the sweat dripping from all of his stress points. His cock was throbbing still and he couldn’t help but to egg it on.

“I told you, I’m not hungry mom” Daniel yelled with his back facing the door “goddamn, can’t I just sleep?”
“Hey pizza, did I catch you at a bad time?” The voice chuckled in a condescending manner as if to say “Hey! Did I just walking in on you chokin’ the chicken?” Infuriated Daniel jumped up to a seated position ready to pounce, when he saw that it was Aaron carrying a box of greasy hot pizza.
“The fuck are you doin’ here?” Daniel said.
“Our addresses are listed on the bulletin board. Besides, I thought you might need a little cheering up. But now that I’m here I think what you really need is a hand.” Aaron sat the pizza on the dresser and knelt down at Daniels’ bed. His face only inches from Daniels’ throbbing rod. Their eyes met for a moment that felt like an hour to Daniel. Aaron slowly pulled down Daniels’ boxers, their eyes stayed locked. His piece was long and fat, Aaron could see why the girls at school all stared as he walked by in gym. And then it happened, it was almost like Daniel’s fantasy only he didn’t know it would feel this great live and in person.

He started from the tip slowly making his way down the shaft and to the base. Daniel threw his head back and let out a deep groan. His hand suddenly met the back of Aarons’ head as he rotated his hips, causing his dick to move faster and deeper down Aarons’ throat. After several minutes of head, Daniel feared he was about to blow. He stood up and lifted Aaron off the floor. He turned him around and bent him over, so that Aarons’ torso was on the bed and his feet were on the floor. He quickly pulled his gym shorts down and nearly ripped of his boxer-briefs. Daniel rubbed his shaft up and down the crack of Aaron’s bubble butt. Allowing his pre-cum to lubricate Aarons’ tight little hole.

Their breathing was heavy, when he shoved his dick inside of his fellow teammate. Aaron let out a cry of ecstasy as Daniel slowly moved in and out of his ass.

The sex became faster and more intense when Daniel reached around and began beating Aarons’ dick off. The sound of Aaron moaning when he came all down his leg, made Daniel go crazy. He grabbed Aarons’ hair and pulled his body off the bed, so that his back was arched. He body was making a clapping sound against Aaron’s ass as he got faster and deeper. He let go of Aarons’ hair and pulled his dick out. He was so far into it he groaned and let out a load all over Aarons beautiful hole without even using his hands. Daniel stepped back to observe his “damage”. His abs were tense and defined as he tried to catch his breath. He wiped the sweat off his forehead while Aaron lay there still moaning and playing with his cum covered hole.

Then out of nowhere, a dirty feeling hit him in the face like a wave that breaks at shore. He was confused about the whole scenario. What had he done? He didn’t even know this kid. Embarrassed and ashamed he grabbed a pair of underwear off the floor. Still watching Aaron play with himself, he quickly put them on as he slowly backed away and ran out the door. He ran down the hallway and into the bathroom where he slammed the door and sank to the floor.

His mind was racing, he wasn’t sure if he could deal with the event of the day. Took off the underwear and jumped into the shower. All he wanted to do was scrub all off the feeling of weirdness and guilt off his body. He must have been in there for quite some time, because his mother was knocking on the door.
“Daniel” she said in a concerned voice “is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine” Daniel replied as he turned off the water that was no longer hot.
“Your friend left in quite a hurry, are you sure you’re fine?”
“Get away from the door” he screamed causing more feelings of guilt. He grabbed a towel and as he was drying himself off he noticed the underwear he put on were not his, they were Aarons’. He picked them up off the ground and held them tightly in his hand. How could one event change everything? How could someone he had never met before make him feel so complete. Aaron was so thoughtful and confident, and here Daniel realized how cowardly and insecure. Here was his chance at something new and something real.

That night Daniel didn’t sleep. He tossed and turned; he tried to count sheep but still couldn’t fall asleep. All that was running through his brain were the events of the day. He made a wish when the clock struck 11:11. He wished that he didn’t react the way that he had. He wished that he could take it all back and start again. Hours just seemed to drag and drag as the night progressed. And just as it seemed like sleep was out of reach, he slowly drifted away.

The next morning Daniel woke to an obnoxiously loud alarm that had been buzzing for nearly an hour. “Oh shit!” he thought as he jumped from his bed. He quickly changed into his clothes and grabbed his gym bag, then darted for the door. From the beginning of school up until lunch was all a blur. All he could think about was what he would say when he saw Aaron at school. He didn’t want to go look for him as he walked down the halls, but he did. He hated this feeling, it was like being lost.

As he approached the cafeteria doors he drew in a deep breath; trying to fight off the jitters. He walked in and gave a quick look around, no Aaron. Then for reason unknown to Daniel, he became irritated by this. All he could think was why Aaron didn’t show. Was he feeling the same as Daniel? Perhaps Aaron was hiding from him? So much running through his head he couldn’t even eat. He decided to cut lunch and the rest of the day at school for that matter. He walked back to the parking lot and saw Aaron standing by his car smoking a cigarette. It was like he knew what Daniel was going to do before he even did it.

Daniel was so overwhelmed with all of these new emotions, that he dropped his belongings and ran for Aaron. Aaron stood there with the sun at his back, and all he could do is smile. When Daniel reached him all he could say is “I love you.” And Aaron knew this to be true. Daniel kissed him till the shaking in his knees dissipated. He could feel all those confused emotions release and leave his body. As if everything in world was right. And this feeling they knew would be forever.

Point of the conversation: True love can sometimes creep up on you and sometimes it will hit you right in the face. And regardless of who you are or whatever your situation, you must act on it. To pass on a love that is real, may result in a lifetime of regret. So release your inhibitions a let love take over.

- Joho

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