16 July 2011

If soul-mates are forever, then why do I feel alone?

So there was this guy.

He made all my afflictions seem okay.

He taught me to be bold, never shy.

When I was with him, the world was always bright and never cold.

He gave me a freeing spirit that I trapped in my soul.

With him, I wished to grow old.

He tapped into a love deep inside.

Like no other had done before,

He wiped all the tears from my eyes.

It was a spiritual feeling that will never die.

He whispered wisdom, so eloquently.

After a night with him, I never had to beg him to stay.

And when I felt I was sliding away,

He’d pick me up and rest me at bay.

I thought the smile on my face was forever,

Like a tattoo that fades away at the end of never.

When I think of him I must be strong, ‘cause he’s walking with the angels.

But I’m still singing his song.

He gave me a golden ticket, to be strong and survive.

Lost without him, to think it would be a lie.

‘cause his spirit guides me, one day at a time.

Although the terrain I’m walking, may get rough.

But in the end, we’ll be together again.

And for me the thought alone is enough.

Moral of my story, to lose someone you love, is not a loss at all.

Go forth with life and do not be weary.

Because in your soul, their spirit you will carry.

And even when the winters, seem long and dreary

They will be there for you, to turn your winters to June.

- Joho

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