07 July 2011


Since graduating high school, I've been pretty good at limiting my crushes to only those that are somewhat realistic, i.e. other gay guys. Sure, a few of them have been taken, but I have come to learn that three-ways are rarely out of the question.

However, at one point during the later half of college, I broke my own rule and succumbed to the charms of a heterosexual boy. Well, a rather swishy one, so it wasn't completely out of line. In fact, he had had a boyfriend in the past, so you can see where my hopes were derived from.

My victim was the source of many crushes, most of which were female. However, almost everyone would have said that he played for their own team (the straights said he was straight, the gays said he was gay). I am of the opinion that once you taste homosexual sex, you're have to come back for more at some point.

I wasn't as predatory as I sound. It happened by accident, really. We had just finished doing a play together a few months before, so a bunch of us were on that theatre-buddies kick. One night, after an artsy-fartsy fundraiser, we grabbed a bottle of vodka and headed back to his place in Brooklyn. 'We' being him, me, and a couple of lady friends, with the occasion appearance of his roommate who happened to be one of my besties.

Aside from that last one, I don't think there was a single person in the room who didn't want to fuck him. We kept our distance in the beginning, but the more we drank the more obvious it became. I was determined to come out on top...in every sense of the word.

Conversations got steamier. We got tipsier. Eventually, the roommate went to bed and one of the ladies crashed in our host's bedroom, leaving me, him, and the other girl in the living room, drunk and horny. I had already discovered that the perfect gateway into his pants was to scratch the back of his head like a puppy (many men are suckers for that, myself included). After I discovered what a fit of ecstasy this threw him into, I knew I had found my secret weapon.

As the three of us lay down to sleep on the futon, I put my newfound power to use, and almost instantly this kicked off an unexpected threeway. I had never been with a girl before, but I wanted this badly enough that I didn't care if there was a female present or not. It's not like we did that much anyway; most of the tryst consisted of swapping makeouts. But there was some BJ exchange between dudes, and I have to point out that this 'straight' boy was the first to go down on me.

The next morning, we all chose to decide it all never happened, which is funny, because we were all covered with some of the most obvious hickeys I had ever seen. We lounged about for a couple hours before I gathered my things and head home.

As you can probably guess, my friendships with both people were noticeably shattered. She always seemed nervous around me afterward, and he, although friendly as always, clearly kept his distance. To this day, I ask myself if I would rather have kept those friendships, or shared that really sexy experience with them.

Point of the conversation: All gay boys fantasize about seducing a straight boy, but when presented with the opportunity, contemplate the potential outcome. Because it might suck.

- Lucas

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