13 June 2011

Tony Tony Tony Has Done It Again

With an opening like that, how much more inclusive can our community be? Take a hint, intolerant America. NPH has done it again, proving he is one talented guy, not to mention a cutie. Who knew little Doogie Howser, MD would be shoulder to shoulder with a dashing Hugh Jackman on a Broadway stage 20+ years later? In any case, the awards were filled with over acting and over excitement, two things I couldn't stand in college from the theater kids and still can't deal with now. But I'll give it to them: all these people are talented motherfuckers - with or without hats. Congrats to "War Horse," a play about an unlikely comrade, for winning best play and to "The Book of Mormon," a satire about an unlikely realization, for winning best musical.

- DeeCue

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