10 June 2011

A Strange Kind of Victory

I met this guy during my third year of college. He caught me off guard for two reasons:

1) The school I went to was very small, so I thought I had met everyone that was worth meeting by that point.

2) Until that point I had never been attracted to a man with a beard or with tattoos, so both at once was a little shocking to the system.

The attraction was not immediate, as it usually is with me. Funny story, actually. I worked in student activities when I was in college, and they were collaborating with the admissions office on a cook-off fundraiser. I was thrown in by my office, and he was the admissions representative. This was absolutely ridiculous, because I don't know my way around a kitchen at all, but I guess my people were desperate. Luckily, Arthur (the name I am giving this boy for this piece so I don't get butchered) was a rather skilled cook, so I let him lead. We still lost, but from the time that we were thrown together until our culinary failure, we had enjoyed each other quite a bit.

After the contest, he asks me out for coffee. No, strike that. He asks me out for tea. Fuck yes. The only catch? I have to go with him to his apartment first so he can pick up his dog and take it for a walk. Being starved for animal attention, I could not possibly decline.

So we go to his place, pick up the dachshund, and walk to a nearby coffee joint. He pays. We sit. We sip. All is delightful. I finally have to leave so I can go to class, he gives me a hug, and by the time we part, I am smitten.

The following week, he stumbles into my office once again, supposedly on an errand. But as soon as he drops off his delivery he asks the receptionist "Is Lucas around?" I was hidden in a nearby alcove, waiting for him to ask for me, so I gleefully popped out of the woodwork and exclaimed, "Right here!", knocking over my cup of water in the process. I was embarrassed as hell, but he gave me a hug and I felt very refreshed.

He didn't stay long, but very shortly after leaving he messaged me on Facebook and asked me out for coffee the next day. He didn't say 'tea' this time, but I wasn't about to get picky. I agreed and we decided to meet up when I got out of class the next day.

Naturally, the very next day I rushed out of class and called him up to figure out our rendezvous. But he didn't answer. I decided to head back to my dorm, and hoped that he'd call me from somewhere in the vicinity before I make it there. Nope. Over the course of the next four hours, I called and texted him twice each, and never heard back.

Finally, around 7:00 that evening, I find him online...on Manhunt.net. I can't ignore this.

"Um, what the hell?"

"Hey man, sorry I missed your call. CRAZY day!"

...Excuse me? You keep a hot piece of ass like me waiting all day and that's all you have to say?

I didn't cut him out yet though. He strung me along over the next couple of weeks, leading up to Winter break. We talked about going out again a couple of times. Well, I did. And he never followed up. Within that time a friend of mine introduced me to his profile on Dudesnude, which featured multiple videos of him masturbating. This added flames to my jealousy and lust, making me semi-insane. After a month-long spell of infatuation, I managed to break-off all contact with him and get on with my life.

The following summer, I was working as an intern at the LGBT Center in Manhattan. At one of the numerous Pride events, I met a very nice couple in their late 20s. When I told them where I went to school, they said they only knew one person who went there: Arthur. My eyes must have lit up with fury because they confirmed similar sentiments. It turns out he had become a third member of their relationship for a short period of time, until they dumped him because it became clear that he was trying to split them up so he could have one of them for himself. Even crazier? Turns out he's got some form of genital herpes.

We compared time lines and calculated this all happened immediately after he and I had gone out. He had ditched me for a three-way relationship (can't completely blame him...they were hot!) and completely left me hanging. At that moment, I felt an enormous euphoric release come over me. I had finally gotten the closure I needed, and realized how lucky I had been.

Point of the conversation: If a guy flakes out on you, don't take it too hard . . . he might have herpes.

- Lucas

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