20 June 2011

Roll Call

Hello everyone! My name is Gamal, and I am the new STWTG writer! I live in the Dallas, TX area, and I have lived here for most of my life.

As far as relationships go, I have had my share of bad ones, and not-so-bad ones. I am single currently, and I dream (ha-ha) of one day finding that one person that is “the cheese to my macaroni”.

There’s one guy that I have been thinking about lately. I met him about 6 months ago at S4, the hottest gay bar in Dallas. He is tall, handsome and has an awesome personality. His name is JP, and the night my roommate Erica and I decided to go dancing, he was there. He was sitting at the bar we always go to. The bartender, Aaron, knows us by name and always gives us the best drinks for a low, low price. As we were walking up, JP immediately caught my eyes.

Finally, I got the courage to go say hi, and we had a good time. The rest of the night, Erica had gotten herself a room for the night so we wouldn’t be driving drunk, and JP came back with us. Erica fell asleep as soon as we got there and JP and I cuddled the night away.

That morning, we exchanged numbers, and we went on a few dates the week that followed. He even bought food and brought a blanket and we went to a park at 9pm for a “picnic”. The gesture was cute, and appreciated, but it was winter and I was freezing. The following days, I had to deal with job and family issues, so I was unable to call or text. After 3 days of my silence, he called me while Erica and I were at dinner, and I asked him if I could call him back.

There are a couple of things that everyone here will learn about me is that, first off, I am a huge gamer. I love video games, and sometimes I forget about the real world because I get so “engrossed” in my game playing. Secondly, I get distracted very easily, and I tend to forget things (like calling people back).

So needless to say, I forgot to call JP. The next day he sent me a message stating that I was immature and that if I didn’t like him, he understood. You know, the typical “Why didn’t you call me back?” (Mean Girls reference) message. I told him that there was nothing wrong, there was just stuff going on, and that I did like him.

He didn’t text back, and that’s where that ended. I still see JP sometimes at S4, and I nod my head or wave at him, and he returns the gesture. I sometimes wonder if I should have taken the initiative and called him after the fact, or if we still would be together if I had.

Point of the conversation: Shit or get off the pot.

- Gamal

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