28 June 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Milking It

I love Bravo TV and Andy Cohen despite whatever you think. With a power gay such as he, you know that the gays and lesbians will always have an ally in the media (alongside Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Suze Orman, Jimmy Fallon . . . ok, he isn't, but still adorable). No doubt Andy was looking at the New York decision on same-sex marriage and thought: "You know what? Here's What: let's show Milk and remind everyone how far we've come, but how much we have more to do." C'mon: 6 out of 50?! The 2008 film chronicles the life of US Government's first out and proud politician Harvey Milk starting from the beginnings of his career in the late 1970s. It still gives me shivers - and hope.

- DeeCue

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