25 June 2011


In 30 days:

* It will almost be August - and it will fly by so quickly.

* Hundreds of Catholic school employees will reconsider their jobs because their religious leaders in New York City will not allow those who are married to the same-sex be employed by the Church - and if my Catholic upbringing serves me correctly, other dioceses will follow suit under pressure to make a public denouncement of the recent NYS law.

* Aunt Pam will be around more often with Aunt Mary - building a house from scratch, most likely.

* Those who oppose gay marriage will emerge - as bigots.

* Many Americans will be doing the same thing they have always been doing since legalization of gay marriage truly never would have affected them to begin with.

* Uncle George and Uncle Bill are wearing rings . . . and fighting like mom and dad do. I love equality.

* Thousands of same-sex couples from the west coast and mid-west will flock to New York State to get married and realize there are other guys in the world. Consequently, many will have second-thoughts about marriage.

* Idiots will realize last night's bill was the legalization of civil gay marriage having confused it for legalization of religious marriage.

* Gays and Lesbians will marry legally in the State of New York.

California: your turn.

- DeeCue

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