13 June 2011


The non-sexual stories sometimes trump the sexual ones in my estimation. The good, ugly and awkward still apply.

Other than two - current one included, I have had the most ridiculous luck with roommates. One guy was a chain-smoking, emotional wreck after a newly broken-off relationship. Another was my live-in boyfriend who not only cheated on me with the neighborhood gays, but also flew to other countries to do the same (cough-sky-whore). But the worst by far was Wendell.

The Good
Wendell and I worked together, so right away I thought he had some respectability. We hit it off grandly. He was hilarious and charming. We moved in together in hopes to live in a nicer part of town. One thing about living in this NYC metro area is the only way you can fathom living here is with a roommate or having a good job. We would help each other out when covering shifts. We would spot each other when we needed alcohol. We cooked and made extras for the other. It was a great situation. Seemingly.

The Ugly
Things were great until I started getting receipts from the leasing company that only half of the rent was being paid - my half. I asked Wendell about it and he always said he'd take care of it. By the third month of the accruing balance, I asked him what was going on:

Wendell: Well, I'm blowing the landlord's son.
DeeCue: And how is this helping you if it is appearing on the stub that you (not I) still owe money?
Wendell: I'll take care of it.

Tone. I hate confrontation, but I hate tone more. And whenever he said something like that, he always had tone. As in "shut the fuck up and stop nagging me, asshole" type of tone. So I did; I left it alone and found out he literally and figuratively blew three months of his side of the rent on . . . blow, supposedly under the impression that he wouldn't have to pay. That evening, I went to Fire Island to get away from the drama, but when I got back, his side of the apartment and all his stuff was gone.

Wendell: Yeah? (insert tone)
DeeCue: You moved out?
Wendell: Yeah. I told you?
DeeCue: No, you didn't.
Wendell: Whatever, DeeCue.
[click; close up of worried eyes]

The dead-beat fuck left with the leasing company still on my back. But I handled it like any other would: I called up a lawyer-friend/old classmate of mine to find out my rights. I worked more hours, borrowed from friends, and got through it. He was physically out of the picture, but I couldn't get away from the fucker. One night, when I went into the city with a group of friends, got a hotel room to pre-party, and dressed up to go to some bottle-service venue, I brought my own bottle of good vodka to share with the group after we went through the communal gin. We switched to my vodka mix and everyone talked about how smooth it was going down. So smooth, that we were sober before heading out. Why? Because Wendell poured out my vodka and filled it up with water. DAMNIT! It was an on-going fiasco, but in the end I sued him and won (he didn't show up in court).

The Awkward
About a year later, he sent an email via Facebook:

July 20, 2010 at 10:48pm
I don’t know when I started handling my life so differently, but whenever it was… you should not have ever been affected by it… and for that im deeply sorry… Im also sorry that when I got my payment from Applied that I didn’t send it right to you… you really did deserve it… you took care of it like a man… I think I was just mad about how everything went down… I didn’t even know that you sued me until I got a ticket for speeding… the notice went to the wrong address… with that said I pray for nothing but the best for you… but it does go to show that some people can be the best of friends, and should NEVER live together… lol… but not… im very happy where I am right now, and if it were not for our meeting it would have never happened… I also hear that you are very happy as well… CONGRATS… there was something in my soul that just could NOT leave this problem the way it was… not looking for an answer back… not sure if I even deserver one… just cant leave this earth, and not say my peace… Thank You… I always want to be the person I am, and NOT the person I ACT OUT as… Peace and Love… - W

July 21, 2010 at 3:33pm
I appreciate your apology and words, but suffice to say I am still out 3000 dollars.

Point of the conversation: Don't base your trust on friendship; base it on character.

- DeeCue

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