05 May 2011

So the Story Goes.......

A few weeks ago a friend of mine (Edison) told me that one of our mutual friends (Miranda) apparently really likes me. Likes, ME! Yes, sadly enough, I do have to report that I am somewhat still "closeted." Though I have been able to muster up the courage to tell both my mother and brother about my incessant male affinity, the rest of the world (outside of this blog of course) are still blissfully unaware of my bedroom endeavors. Which parts of me are perfectly fine with, whenever I begin to think of that ongoing argument in the gay community of, "Well shit, straight people don't tell me they're heterosexual when I first meet them!" which to me still stands true. However, in the same token, it is times like these which make me want to just tattoo the word "flamer" across my forehead in hopes that everyone would just get the hint.

Back to the story: like I said a few weeks ago, I was nicely informed by my friend Edison of this soon to be "Bad Romance" I was slowly being weaved into by our mutual friend Miranda. Miranda (a cute and funny girl that I met this semester in a poetry meeting) is seriously not my type. Not saying that anything's wrong with her in particular; she just happens to lack the deep voice and Adam's apple, that I generally find attractive. So when Edison gave me her number and asked me to call her later on that night, naturally I said, "Umm, sure?"

Now it's been two weeks later and guess what? I still haven't called her. Which apparently she seems to notice. So today, after what I consider to be a valiant effort of evasion, Edison finally manages to corner me on the line to sell back my book to my school's book store. It seems that Edison in fact over stepped his boundaries with Miranda by telling me she likes me. Apparently Miranda didn't actually instruct Edison to tell me, in fact, she became quite enraged at him for doing so, stating how it makes her look so "desperate" and "immature". Funny enough, I wonder how upset she'll be when she realizes that her desperation doesn't lie in her inability to tell me she likes me herself, but in the fact that she is jumping through hoops to win the heart of a guy, who himself, is jumping through the same hoops to do the exact same thing.

So long story short, Miranda demanded that Edison delete her name off of his cellphone, Facebook, Twitter, Oovoo, Myspace (not like it's used anymore), Aim, BBM, and whatever other social networking vehicle you can think of because for Miranda this was the best way of basically saying, "You're dead to me!" without having to actually use the words. As for me and Miranda go, I guess being so embarrassed by what Edison did, as well as realizing I have yet to text or call her, was good enough reason for her to make it her business to try and avoid me at all costs. Within the last two weeks I have yet to see her. Mission accomplished.

Point of Conversation: Ladies, NEVER fall for a gay guy! He'll only break your heart.

-T. Wayne

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