04 May 2011

J Crew and Gay Ads: “Happy Together”

I’m loving J Crew’s new catalog, which features one of their male designers and a male model, looking good in J Crew summer wear. The caption explicitly identifies the model as “Our designer Samsock and his boyfriend Micah” and calls them “Happy Together”.

Of course, there’s been a homoerotic subtext to lots of advertising for years, but usually the truly gay ads were reserved for gay publications.

And I guess I blinked and missed the flap last month, when the President of J Crew was shown in their online newsletter, proudly painting her son Beckett’s toenails a bright pink.

J Crew is brave on the one hand, for not beating around the bush, but let’s be honest: $769 billion LGBT dollars are at stake every year. J Crew isn’t afraid to say they want our money, and good for them for getting in the first wave of advertisers who will open their doors wide for us--and tell everybody about it too.

- Maura McGurk

Maura is an artist who paints about LGBT issues, with a special focus on gay bullying. Take a look at her website to see her paintings.

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