25 May 2011

It Gets Better is Sponsoring My Art Exhibition!

I’m really excited to have been invited to show my anti-gay bullying paintings at a gallery in Norwich, CT during the month of July. This is a message that needs to be heard in small towns outside of Manhattan. (I grew up in a small town in CT and I know it’s a blue state, and that ALL marriages are legal there, but believe me when I say that everyone I know there is conservative).

It Gets Better will be promoting the event, and I’m donating 10% of the proceeds to them. I wish it could be more, but a girl’s gotta eat!

Stay tuned for details, and continue to check out my website for new work.

-Maura McGurk

Maura makes artwork about issues related to the LGBT/queer/gay experience, especially gay bullying. Take a stand against gay bullying by checking out her work, liking it on Facebook, or commenting on her blog.

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