30 April 2011

Connect 4

I have always been obsessed with "Missed Connections" on Craig’s List. Call it wishful thinking, call it crazy—it's just so romantic to me that someone would think of someone so far beyond an initial eye contact (or in some cases, public blow job) that they would be compelled to post an ad online seeking another chance to rekindle what could be. My particular favorites are the ones that occur on subways (not the public blowjobs). I remember hearing Becki Newton from “Ugly Betty” met her husband on a subway platform. He was so taken by her, that after seeing her, got on the same train she was on and rode as far as necessary in the wrong direction to get her number. They started dating from there and have been married ever since. I think a baby was involved somewhere.

I’ve posted my share of missed connections in the past, usually ones that weren’t exactly "real connections." A cute guy I was convinced wanted to marry me after I caught his eyes in Central Park or the straight barista that looked like John Krasinski (“He didn’t ask my name just to put on the cup—I could tell”). However, I’ve never heard back because they not only weren’t “real connections,” they weren’t connections at all.

You know a real connection when they happen because you can’t possibly risk never seeing them again so you’ll stop at nothing to make sure you do. I finally had mine two weeks ago - on the subway.

On the weekends, I help a guy run his errands and organize his life. I usually start early afternoon, however I was running late one morning and when I gave a head’s up text, he told me it was no problem and to come a few hours later. As I entered the subway station, I passed a cute guy reading a book on one of the benches. I stopped short because for the 5 years I’ve lived in my neighborhood, the only cute guy I’ve ever seen was the street-meat cart guy, likely due to the fact I was so hosed I’d sleep with my cousin.

When I first passed him, I saw he was reading, noticed he was super cute but didn’t think much beyond that. Much to the chagrin of anyone I ride the subway with, I always walk to the first car to get on the train. As I stood waiting on the platform I took notice of the guy getting up from the bench and heading toward me. I got a better look at him. He was tall, tan, cute style, and great vibe about himself - not to mention he was wearing Keds. I’m a sucker for a cute pair of Keds. As I was duly noting his footwear, he looked up and for the first time took notice of me as well. I decided to play coy and read my magazine, hoping I’d catch a repeat offense.

As we boarded the train, we got on the same car. He sat one person between where I was standing on the same side of the car. I took to reading my magazine again and I peripherally clocked his glances in my direction. When I counted to 7 or 8, I decided I was going to give him my number. As slyly as I could muster, I dug through my hot mess of a man bag before finding my crumpled up post-its. Yes, I carry post-its with me at all times. Say something: I dare you.

Once successful, I started searching for a pen. This was the moment a man, who I will refer to as “Crazy Ass Motherfucker,” decided to berate this guy standing above him for touching him with his bag. As his profanity-laden tirade toward this poor guy began to hit its peak, I caught eyes with my tanned-cutie. We smiled and shrugged in the way only New Yorkers can, and I continued to ruffle through my belongings. As I approached my stop, I quickly jotted down my name, number, and the clichéd “Call Me” before folding it up, reaching over the woman between us and placing it on his shoulder. With a smirk, I looked back and departed the train.

He texted me two hours later, and we’re getting drinks this week.

Point of Conversation: Only real connections go unmissed. Who needs Craig’s list when you have post-it notes?

- Lean


  1. I was talking to my friend about your post and we recounted all the true "missed connection/reconnection" we had. Every one of them over-shadowed the hottest hook-up story that tried to compete.


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