01 March 2011

Warning: Rock Climbing Makes You Gay

Being from a flat, Midwestern state, rock climbing sounded cool. So, I jumped at the chance to take a class in it during undergrad. The beginner class was at 8:00 am which was a bit early, but I really wanted to try it. I noticed in the first class that the male to female ratio was skewed, but surprisingly with more females than males. It was one of the first things I told my dad when I called him to brag about: my rock climbing class. I remember thinking what a chance to meet a real, rock hard woman.

Anyway, it was the third or fourth class, and I was belaying which gave me a chance to look around. All around me are these college coeds hanging down from the ceiling. Ass down, there they were, begging to be plucked like fine Georgia peaches. It was a sight to see - had I been paying attention that is. But what was I doing was checking out the GUY instructor. I about dropped my belay partner when I realized what I was doing! Needless to say I wasn’t bragging about the male to female ratio to my dad next time I called.

Point of the conversation: Who knew – rock climbing makes you gay.

- Rusty Peters

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