16 March 2011

Sugar Daddy

Another day in New York and I was once again stressing over making rent for the month. My friend sitting next to me on the subway mentioned about making a few hundred dollars for being a personal private dancer for an older man he had met on Manhunt. Hinting to me that I should possibly look into it. At first there was no doubt in my mind that the answer would be no. However, as the days went on my stress level increased so I ended up giving Manhunt a whirl.

I had no idea what Manhunt was. My profile was all lies. I made up my address, name, and age. A few days had passed and I started exploring the website a little more. Fascinated yet disgusted by what extreme measures men were going to on this website for sex. It wasn't long before I started talking to this older man.

He was in his late twenties and was going to medical school. He said he worked off of Wall Street and lived in Astoria. My mind was stuck on "Wall Street." I might as well have been on the subway right after hearing those words but Instead I was persistent in obtaining a few pictures. I couldn't have just one. I wanted several to deny the possibilities of him copying and pasting pictures.

A few days later I gained the courage to make a trip to his place. However, I wasn't going for money. I was going in all honesty to simply meet him, with the possibilities to obtain a "sugar daddy" in the near future. I had no idea where I was going so I had made arrangements to stay with one of my friends in Astoria that night. I also let my friend in on what was happening and it seemed to come as no surprise. Keeping in mind that this is NYC and people just do wild and crazy things. After getting off the Subway, I had called the man to talk me through the directions to his apartment. It wasn't long before I found myself in his apartment. I wasn't thinking everything through other than the fact that I was in a strangers house. He had offered me a drink but I chose water instead. We both sat on the couch and I started asking him questions. Basic one's just to ease the tension. The night was indeed awkward. I was the one doing all of the talking and it wasn't long until I was over it. I ended up leaving no more than an hour later.

Long story short, we don't talk anymore.

Point of Conversation - I was aware of what I was doing the whole time but didn't fully process it until the following day. Realizing I'm lucky to have even walked out this man's door safely but also fascinated and shocked on how I went through with the whole ordeal. Would I do it again? No. It was indeed a risk but It's a memory and a story I can now tell.

- Russell Baine

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