30 March 2011

Naked Boys Joking

I went to the Naked Comedy Showcase at The Creek and The Cave in Long Island City recently, at midnight. What the heck, I’ll try anything once.

It was weird because of course, you want to look, but feel like you shouldn’t. The MC, Andy Ofiesh, understands the contradiction and encouraged full-on ogling. “Uh folks, this is a Naked Comedy Showcase. If you’re trying to meet my eyes, you’re looking in the wrong place”. So then it was OK.

I won’t give away the acts, except to say that not all the jokes are about penises. But there was enough, um, eye candy--at eye level--that a lesbian in the front row was heard muttering unintelligibly and continuously through most of the show. She kept swiveling around in her chair with a look of desperation on her face until the MC paused to allow her to leave. (For the record, it wasn’t me; I was observing this from near the back).

The show was oddly riveting, and when the MC called for volunteers from the audience to get up, strip down, and tell a joke, I almost did it, without even knowing why. The ones who beat me to it included a guy who just wanted to talk about his penis (figures) and another who took it so seriously that he even removed his glasses.

The evening ended with the featured comedian, Scout Durwood (a woman) who was the best of the bunch, the cutest, and a polished professional too. Too bad for the lesbian who left early!

- Maura McGurk

Maura is an artist who paints about the LGBT experience, especially gay bullying. She now has a painting in Dan Savage’s private art collection! You can see her work here.

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