15 March 2011

Let me be your guide

I ran into this guy at a BBQ, literally. See he’s legally blind and his guide dog was more interested in the burgers and hotdogs than doing its job. Being a dog person, it wasn’t a problem. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the guy was cute, too!

We hit it off, shooting the bull and all. Turned out we both liked to go running. He generally ran indoors on a treadmill though – his guide dog couldn’t run and guide at the same time. Although he liked to run outdoors, he needed someone to help guide him. My ears perked up at that one and suggested we go for a run sometime.

A few days later, we go running. It was a bit awkward at first running with him holding onto my shoulder. I mean, I usually don’t run with a full-on erection! Having never had much experience with PDA at the time, there was something about having this cute guy holding onto me that was hot! Needless to say, I pushed to make it a more regular thing.

About the third time we ran together, he invited me up to his place … for water of course. When his apartment door closed, there was no more run-around and his hands found more than just my shoulder! He was the best hookup/friend with benefits I ever had. I think it was largely due to having his hand on my shoulder.

Point of the Conversation: If you see a cute blind guy, definitely ask if you can be his guide.

- Rusty Peters

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