23 March 2011

Happy Hour

This three week winter break had revived me. I walked back into the classroom exuding confidence, sporting a new haircut and a new pair of glasses. Nonetheless, second semester was going to be "my bitch".

It was only a few weeks into the semester and I was already in rare form. My roommates and I were in our own little worlds. Most of our ballet classes in the morning were "shit shows". We would be falling over at the ballet barre, stumbling over our feet in the center of the room still intoxicated from the night before.

At the end of the day, our thirty minute breaks before rehearsal turned into happy hour runs. Most of the time, we went to McCormick and Schmick's. But one day I had changed it up by going to the gay bar for happy hour. It was at this gay bar where I had met Chett the bartender. Chett always grabbed my attention when I walked in. He had blond hair, blue eyes, a height just under six feet, great fashion sense and a great personality. He expressed interest in me as he would strike up most of the conversations and would walk me to the bus stop at the end of the night sometimes. After a few happy hour visits I had invited Chett to a party.

At the party, I waited patiently for Chett to arrive. I kept drinking to desensitize my nerves. I wandered around with my roommate striking up conversation with people to help pass the time. Finally, the door opened. "Chett," my roommate screamed, rushing over to him as if they had been friends for years. His smile and dimples appeared as my roommate stumbled into him and at that particular moment I knew Chett and I were going to have a good night.

By the end of the night my roommate and I were pretty intoxicated but Chett was not; as he was driving. When pulling up to the curb, I mustered up the confidence and invited Chett up to the apartment. Our sexual tension was at it's peak. Sex was the only thing I was thinking about as we made way to the door. As my roommate opened the door Chett reacted by grabbing hold of my hand. The touch of his hand sent chills down my body. I could have had an orgasm right there and then. I was already fully hard; my manhood dying to come out and meet Chett for the first time. Within seconds of entering, Chett had lifted me up off the floor and pushed my body up against the wall. We were both naked before my roommate even made it to her room. What had started off in the hallway moved it's way into the kitchen, living room, bathroom and finally the bedroom.

It's hard to think back and fully describe in detail what my body and mind went through that night. All I know is that it was like an outer body experience. An outer body experience is the only way I can describe it because I woke up the next morning to an apartment that was destroyed. The kitchen had deli meat and cereal all over the counters and floors, lamp fixtures throughout the apartment were broken, cushions and pillows from the couch were found in the bathroom and hallways. The best part was where I found the extra mattress that my roommates and I kept in the living room closet. I had found it in the entry way of our apartment building.

Point of the conversation: Happy Hours may eventually lead to one hell of a night.

-Russell Baine

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