21 March 2011

Dead Ends

This morning I’m feeling desperate. So I put a personal ad on Craig’s list. I do it quickly before I can take it too seriously and start hoping something real might come out of it.

-White, 5'7, blue eyes
-Art school Student
-"Hansom" though not necessarily in shape.
-Enjoys music, reading, clear autumn days
-Witty sense of humor not evident in this ad

-Good sense of humor
-Not an asshole.

That afternoon I have four new e-mails. Right away I break my golden rule and start to hope. Those hopes are quickly dashed though as I read:

-26 yrs, 5'8", slim, 10" cut, located near market st in san Francisco, interested?

-ever get paid for it? need ez cash? I give in$ane head

-I’m cris. I am a married executive 48, cal graduate 1983. need to be discreet. I am of Italian background, clean disease free and fit. able to get away. quite new to this. may we speak? Cris

-I could be down. Me; 32, not an asshole...chill, cool funny guy. Off 45th.”

I no longer care so I answer the last e-mail.

-Could be? I say.
-I’m normal. He says. What R U up to?
-I’m normal too. Just hanging out. Tell me about yourself.
-Work out everyday. Normal guy. Not a troll. Five eight, blk hair, very cute. Just bored. U?
-I walk my dog everyday... almost. I'd say I'm regular. I also have black hair. Just lonely.

He doesn’t write back.

Point of the conversation: Don't get invested much in things online.

- Grant Canyon

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