28 February 2011

The Queen's Speech

The creative equivalent to the Super Bowl: the Academy Awards. Last night, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards honored some great films, it's actors, and the creative genius behind them both. But, the most noteworthy of all accomplishments was Anne Hathaway being so goddamn obnoxious with her hooting and hollering after she introduced a presenter on stage or throwing in her over the top jokes next to a sedate James Franco. Ugh: a little decorum? Kidding - not really, but truly the most laudable was the ease at which the idea of being gay or lesbian wasn't a gasp-worthy event with a monster flick like The Kids are All Right where Annette Bening and Julianne Moore played lesbian parents of college bound teens.

But the greatest moment for me was when Iain Canning (pictured second from the left), one of the 30 producers of Best Picture Winner The King's Speech, accepted the little man-trophy and, in his stutter-free speech, thanked not his "friend" or the ever-vague "partner," but rather his "boyfriend." Granted the past award shows have been be-sprinkled with shout-outs to loved ones of the same sex, leaving it up to the gossip columnists to speculate and assume, having it said loud and proud at the Oscars in acceptance of the highest award made it even more special. Gosh, gays really do exist, Auntie Em.

- DeeCue

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  1. Yes! My other favorite was when a woman was announced as a winner in one of the group categories (I can't remember for which film). She got up, kissed another woman on the lips in the aisle, then proceeded to the stage. The spokesman for the assembled group said all the usual things, then said a group "thank you to all of our wives"--I assume that also included the woman who was with them. Loved it!


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