11 February 2011

Not a Choice

Why do I picture myself wearing a pill box hat, sitting in the back of a pink convertible, and doing the wave of the Royals being driven by a naked Ben Cohen while blasting Lady Gaga's newest song/gay anthem of the new decade? Listen: Gloria Gaynor ain't cutting it anymore. Besides - this song is a lot more empowering; Gloria don't know if I was dumped, "She don't KNOW me!"

Now that I think of it, I also picture playing this song to start a flash mob dance with drag queens, bears, dykes, twinks, Chelsea boys, and Log Cabin Republicans where ever there are picketers toting "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" signs.

And before it's even said: Lady Gaga has been faithful to her gay community. Her songs may sometimes be contrived, she still knows how to get a hit out there. Stop sippin' the HATEorade.

Click here for the song.

- DeeCue

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