08 February 2011

My First Time

So, I ain’t big on clubs or going out to the bars. Never have been and probably never will be. Sure I’d been to straight bars and even gay bars and clubs a couple of times. But that was always with friends. I mean, who goes to the bar alone. Well, I did. It was a rare night when I actually wanted to go out to a bar and find myself a bit of … trouble!

Well, failing to find anyone who wanted to go out, I decided to go anyway. Friends be damned! Closer I got to the club the more I started to lose my nerve. I actually walked by the club first, casually looked in to see if it was worth even going. Half a block down, I turned around to head back and get in line. Trying a little too hard to play it cool, I showed the guy my ID and found myself in the club.

The little voice that chided me about going to the club alone now became a big voice. Determined to stick things out, I stepped over to the bar and ordered a whiskey sour - a little liquid courage to drown out that voice. Drink in hand, I assessed the crowd.

There was this guy over in the corner that caught my attention. I watched him for a little while – discretely of course - you know, to see if he was with anyone. That little voice again chided me: "You’ve never actually approached anyone in a bar, so you’re not going to actually talk to this guy, are you?" I took a big gulp cursing that little voice.

I wanted to go to the bar. I went alone and overcame that little voice. By damned that little voice wasn’t going to stop me now. I took another swig, checked to make sure I still had a pair between my legs, and walked over to talk to this guy. You know what – he was actually nice and polite. He wasn’t into me and I ended up leaving the club alone without a number, but that’s ok: I approached a stranger in a club for the first time.

Point of the conversation: When you see a guy you like, you just grab ‘em and go!

- Rusty Peters

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