15 February 2011

Elementary Education

In my college cafeteria, I usually ate alone and studied. Yup, I was and still am a nerd! There was this one time when something strange happened. I had gotten my food - which I usually and liberally salted and peppered. Sitting down, I cracked open my chemistry book and began reading. Occasionally, I took a bite or two and I made it through a quarter of my food without noticing what I ate, lost in my own little world of chemical bonds and reactions!

In the middle of examining the limitations of the Gilman Reagent, this extroverted guy came over asking if the seat beside me was taken. I looked up and blinked twice muttering, "Sure."  This had never happened to me before, and not knowing what to do, I just went back to studying.

But this guy wanted to talk! He asked what I was studying to which I responded, “Chemistry” and gave up trying to study. I stared blankly not knowing what to say. After a pause not quite long enough to be awkward, he asked effervescently, “Is that your major?” Still trying to figure out what was going on, I said “No, I’m in Biochem; so, close.” Once again, another pause not quite long enough to be awkward he said, “I’m an EE major … Elementary Education.” Here, he paused expecting me to do something, say something. I stared blankly still wondering if I will get back to the Gilman Reagent. I didn’t notice, but he lost a bit of wind out of his sails as he continued, “Er … you know … cause most EE majors are Electrical Engineers …. not Elementary Education.” I blinked once then softened into a smile of sorts and said, “Oh, it was a joke, haha”. By this point, I had finished my meal and had to excuse myself so I could get to a study group.

Several years later, I realized he was probably flirting with me. I’d like to say I’m a little better at it, but not much I’m afraid.

Point of the conversation: Flirting – it’s not so elementary.

- Rusty Peters

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