09 February 2011

The Anti-Super Bowl

Mia and I are not football fans. We don’t get excited about the Super Bowl, but we have a special place in our hearts for Super Bowl Sunday, because we almost met on that day three years ago.

Here’s what happened: it was Mia’s birthday, but her friends were all involved in Super Bowl parties--especially because the local team was in the Super Bowl--and no one was available for birthday plans. She decided to take herself to the theater, to see a one-woman Shakespearean play.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I forgot all about the fact that I’d assigned my students to watch the commercials and comment on the various artistic principles they employed, and instead took myself to see a marathon staging of the full cycle of Angels in America.

The question that must have been on each of our subconscious minds: What better way to combat the testosterone and commercialism of the Super Bowl than a day of gay theater?

We were at the same theater at the same time, on a day when everybody seemed to be somewhere else. We think that we may have passed in the halls, or by the ticket booth, or outside. On my way home, I think I walked by the restaurant where Mia was sitting by the window, writing birthday reflections in her journal.

We didn’t meet that day, but we met about two and a half weeks later and discovered the coincidence.

So although we’ll never watch the Super Bowl itself, we like to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday as The Day We Almost Met. Yesterday, it was especially easy to do because a special episode of Glee was airing directly after the game.

Our Anti-Super Bowl Party involved food and drinks, like any other party that day, but instead of endless football, we watched a marathon of The Golden Girls, did our nails, and gabbed. So much better! As for Glee, it took an intriguing turn, as the plot seems to be about to delve deeper into the mind of Karofsky, the self-hating gay who hides himself by bullying others.

I didn’t miss the football, or the endless predictions and opinions that go with Super Bowl Sunday. But I did miss Kurt, who seems to have taken on a smaller presence now that he’s transferred schools. Still waiting for the writers to make it official with Blaine--stay tuned!

-Maura McGurk

Maura makes artwork about issues related to the LGBT/queer/gay experience, and the fight for full equality. You can see her paintings at http://mauramcgurk.com.

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  1. Do these girls do anything other than watch the Golden Girls! :)


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