14 January 2011

No Doubt

I left the house looking like I’d climbed out of a dumpster.

Wearing my ugly jeans and a black zip-up hoodie, I walked into the Pet Store and noticed right away a guy watching me and not like how you watch a suspected shoplifter.

When I went to pay, his line was too long so I stupidly got in the other. It didn’t make a difference anyway because he left to help a woman to her car. I left shortly after, saw him and knew he was watching me as I opened my trunk. Walking back the other way our paths crossed and he said, “I like your sticker,” referring to the No Doubt decal on the back of my car. My heart skipped. For me, No Doubt is more than a band; they are my reason for living.

There was an opportunity here so I returned at the same time wearing the same thing for the next four weeks until I finally screwed up the courage to give him my number. Then I waited. And waited. He never called and I never went back to that Pet Store.

Months later I got a text message from an unknown caller. I asked how he’d gotten my number and he wasn’t sure, maybe I’d given it to him in San Francisco over the weekend. Impossible: I hadn’t been in the City for weeks. We kept talking but couldn’t figure out how he’d gotten my number.

Since these mysterious circumstances had brought us together our next logical step was to become Facebook friends.

The next day, I had a friend request from the Pet Store Guy. I accepted and saw we had a mutual friend: Mysterious Text Message Guy. Pet Store Guy sent me a message explaining that he and Mysterious Text Message guy had been “whatever” and when he moved back to LA he’d given him the old BART tickets in his wallet along with my phone number.

I was ready to be outraged by the fact that he was seemingly whoring out my phone number and that if he hadn’t planned on calling he should have thrown the damn thing away. But while I have my convictions, I also have a weak backbone so I let it go. From there, Pet Store Guy and I kept talking and have formed a friendship on our mutual passion in life, No Doubt.

Point of the conversation: Sometimes making a friend can be better than getting a date.

- Grant Canyon

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