22 January 2011

It's not just the P!nk boys with problems

When P!nk came on the scene with her 2001 party anthem "Get this Party Started," I figured she'd be some sort of one hit wonder; I mean, c'mon: how was this girl going to be taken seriously with pink hair all the time? Thankfully, out came the bottle of bleach and since then she's been serving us some crazy-good stuff  - "God is a DJ," "Raise Your Glass" for starters. Now, although she seems to have cornered the market on the "misfits rising" message, her latest ditty about affirmation of one's self-worth is a pretty good song. In a time when the bullying and suicide needs to be seen as an issue for kids and teens today, it brings light to what can come of the pains of growing up. Moreover, I was listening to all this hub-bub about the video's controversial overtones and, well, check it out: it is in-FUCKIN'-sane. Not to mention the guy in it is pretty hot - just sayin'. Click here for the video.

- DeeCue

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