21 January 2011

Fight for Equality

Dear Reader,

We Gays constantly face stereotyping, here two of my favorites: “you don’t act gay” and “I didn’t know you were gay!” Always said complimentarily and with the best of intentions, but if the speaker were confronted on this, they shall say it wasn’t meant that way but simply as an observation.

Sadly, dear Reader, not every day is a Pride Parade and when you find yourself in this position, it’s tough to be quick witted. But fear not, dear Reader, for I have written here some suggested responses for possible future use in the above stated predicament (names provided, situations implied).

1.) “Barb, I know you felt your heart was in the right place, but I find that comment offensive. Telling someone they’re “acting gay” perpetuates a negative stereotype; there is no such thing as “acting gay;” my manner and way are an expression of my personality not my sexuality. Now, who wants to watch the L Word?”

2.) “Much obliged Gary. You know when we first met, I didn’t know you were straight. I mean you don’t act very straight, boring, close-minded or stupid that is.”

3.) “Sweet Bro, but I believe that sexuality is something that cannot be so easily pinned down and that one’s actions do not act as a window into that individual’s personal life. I mean, ya' know, dude?"

 Point of the conversation: In the words of the Flintstones - "have a gay old time."

- Grant Canyon

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