22 August 2010

Secret Stalker

A large part of my job is to make idle chitchat with strangers.

I'm proud to say that this is an art I have mastered. I can talk to a wall. In fact, some of the best conversations I've had have been with people not any more exciting than a wall, but I digress. 

So give me 15 minutes and I can find anything to talk about, especially if it's with a guy (not to mention a cute guy, but again: I digress). Today, I got a call from work, a bouquet was delivered to my name. 


Me: "Hello" 
Work: " Hi. You had flowers delivered to you."

Pause. Homeless guy? Nah.

Me: "Is there a card attached?" 
Work: "Yes." 
Me: "Well? OPEN IT!" 
Work: " To: La La, from: Secret Admirer"
Me:  "uh, thanks I'll pick them up later. "

What the fuck hell? Who does that? I mean, don't get me wrong it's a lovely gesture, but come on! Now, I'm going to wonder if every guy who walks in the door sent me the flowers. In a perfect world, it would be one of the cute successful guys who often frequent our business, but it could also be the creepy guy who works at the bike shop and who always winks at me when I pass by. 

Point of the conversation: Casually mention to the creep at the bike store that you have a boyfriend. 

- La La

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