22 February 2014

Some Good Air

It was time to get the fuck out.

One of the best parts of my chosen career path is it affords me time away to get the fuck out of Dodge for extended periods of time. After some deliberation, the holiday destination chosen was Buenos Aires. Aside from my affinity to good ol' Madge and her semi-splendid rendition of "Evita" and the quest for a tasty empanada, I really had no outstanding reason to go. Except for one. This wouldn't be a true STWTG post unless a guy were involved, so of course: a guy is involved.

Initially a Grindr interest whose time expired, Mike and I have known each other, on a technicality, for the past year - touching base randomly but not ever quite being able to meet - and physically for the past four months or so. More on that later.

Mike, a mid-western 28 year old white boy, is a pretty smart guy. And when he reads this, he will throw it in my face any time he deems it necessary - and maybe screen-shot the post and throw that in my face, too. (Eeooww!) In any case, we both agreed on Buenos Aires for two reasons: one, neither of us had been to South America and two, it's winter down there at the time of this posting. (NYC in July? Girl, I can't.) Additionally, he knows four languages. English, Korean, Spanish and American Sign Language. Six languages if you count Sassy Bitch and Hashtag. The point is his promising-omniglot status would come in handy. And it did.

My Spanish sucks long, uncut Castilian chorizo. The con queso sin cebolla kind. For much of the trip, I kept my comments to a "sí" or a "no" with a smattering of "gracías" here and there with a sprinkling of "muchas." I felt like a US official with a personal translator - whose cock I jerked, sucked, and rode on their South American tour. They do that, right?

When we got to Buenos Aires, I felt lost. Nothing familiar: language, feeding times, public bathrooms. Nothing. My reliance was on Mike and I suppose I liked that. On day three of our 10 day Rainbow Tour, we went to a bar/club/strip show with a sassy, fast-talking drag queen. Of course, she picked out the two of us to come up on stage and grind with the hot as fuck BA boys. I may or may not have had an unwanted cock in my face with only sheer Lycra separating us.

By this point, I had thrown back enough (....) to give me strength to twerk up a storm with the locals. Mistake. Thinking that I attracted two leather clad boys with my salsa skills, one caressed and dirty danced with me while the other felt me up and pick pocketed the shit out of me. Alas, he had stolen my iPhone and before I knew it, they were long gone.

Enter Mike.

There were things about him that trip I could not stand about him. And I am sure he can say the same about me. But the one thing that made me forget it every single time was the gentleness and understanding he had the next morning when the liquor wore off and the bass beat stopped. We laid there in bed the next morning and he held me. Well, after I jerked him off.

Better times.

Point of the conversation: there is good in everyone.

- DeeCue

06 November 2013

Holy Twerk-ball, Batman!

I first saw it on InstinctMagazine.com. Amazed.

I shared it with several friends through Twitter, Facebook, email, iMessage, text. Amazing.

I went to the gym to work off the pent up sexual tension and to my dismay when I got back to get my jerk on while he got his tweak on, it disappeared. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out the Vine compilation of catcher (yes, that's his position) John Magnum (yes, that's his name), a NC State Baseball player who decided to hijack his friend's Vine account and plaster himself twerking, wiggling, and Dougie . . . ing.

Whatever the fuck he is doing, I just can't. It's got me all hot and bothered.

Originally, these were their own Vines, but apparently because they were "going viral," his friend Brett Austin was forced to take it down by his coach. You know, because they were only supposed to be for them to see . . . makes sense now, right? Well, thank gawd someone with nimble fingers quick edited them together and posted up on YouTube before the damage was done. I mean, I couldn't find the tweaking one ANYWHERE.

- DeeCue

27 June 2013

Gay Gay Gay Rights

I've had some time to digest everything that has gone down in the last 24+ hours in the United States - from the striking down of DOMA (Section 3) and Prop 8 to the many supportive facebook posts by friends to the many anti-marriage equality thoughts and posts by now ex-friends - and I've realized we have come a long way and that's just in my time as an early thirty-something gay man. And just to clarify, you may have your opinion as I am allowed to have mine, but when yours comes from a deep rooted place of hate veiled (or not) in some insane religious and biblical belief that I don't share, you deserve to be cut off. I mean seriously, if I don't believe in God, what other argument you got?

Below is in a nutshell (from PBS.com) what has been rightfully recognized and given to the LGBT community. It spells out a lot of things I didn't know myself.

- DeeCue

28 May 2013

Hate Crime

What the fuck is going on, NYC?

From start to present, the tally runs . . .

May 5:
Four men allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs as they attacked Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins near Madison Square Garden.

May 7:
A man was assaulted in Union Square by another man who allegedly used anti-gay slurs.

May 8:
Two men reportedly shouted anti-gay slurs as they attacked a man who was leaving Pieces bar on Christopher Street

May 9:
Two gay men were attacked by a group of other men allegedly shouting anti-gay slurs near the 33rd Street PATH Station. Port Authority police officers quickly arrested two of the suspected perpetrators.

May 17:
A gay man, Mark Carson, was shot to death by another man who allegedly assailed the victim and another gay man with homophobic slurs and chased them out of a pizzeria on Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village before the shooting.

May 20:
At 5:30pm, a peaceful rally against hate violence was held starting from the LGBT Center to where Carson was shot, then that night . . .

May 20:
Dan Contarino, a former promoter of Shampoo Nightclub’s Shaft Fridays, was jumped at Avenue D & 4th Street,” writes Bruce Yelk, a close friend of Contarino’s, on his blog Nightlife Gay.  Yelk also reports witnesses saying the male assailant yelled “faggot” as he kicked and beat Contarino.

**The hate crime took place the same night community and political leaders joined hundreds of upset New Yorkers to march in a peaceful demonstration against the recent spate of anti-gay violence.**

May 21:
A gay couple was attacked in SoHo by two men yelling gay slurs. The incident took place on Broadway, between Prince and Houston streets. The NYPD has since charged Fabian Ortiz, 32, and Pedro Jimenez, 23, with assault.

May 24:
One of the latest targets of an antigay hate crime in New York was activist and founder of Queer Rising, Eugene Lovendusky of Queens, who was attacked in Manhattan alongside his boyfriend.

Let this be the end. To say the least, I am surprised and appalled. In a time when the media has begun to see the "gay man" as more than just a comical character; in a time when marriage equality is finally coming to the forefront in not only the US but the world as well; in a time when DOMA has been repealed, there exist these biased attacks?

I have only this to say: come at me, motherfuckers. I'll be out in HK (512 West 42nd at 9:30pm) ready to fuck your shit up.

- DeeCue

01 May 2013

Never Stay

We've all heard that old adage "Just get out, gurl" in reference to bad or abusive relationships, but I've come to discover that such advice goes much much further.

I've had my share of "bad" relationships in my time. There was this guy, who opened his home to me after staying in my own was no longer an option, only to treat me with such disrespect that I actually found myself bargaining with my conscience to let me me stay. I knew it was bad for me, but all my other options were, at the time, worse. So I sucked it up and continue to spiral deeper until I was practically sleeping with my keys hidden on my body so as not to get them taken from me in the middle of the night, thus locking me out the next day.

We rationalize a lot in our lives. But one thing we should never do is settle for a home— whether it be with our parents, a partner, friends, or even the place we work— that is less than we deserve. Our environments shape us more radically than we think. Negativity is deathly contagious, and it'll make you watch as your dreams shrivel up and die.

I'm currently going through this transition with my career. Thankfully I have a wonderful partner and a place to live to help keep me grounded. I often wonder would I have the strength to stand up for myself and make such drastic changes if not for his support. I don't know... but I know who I am and who I want to be, and as I've stated before, if you don't decide who you are, someone else is going to do it for you...

You are your environment— make it beautiful. 

No matter what,

Johnny C